Katie Cook has gained great success as a television host for CMT; beginning her broadcast career with the MTV Networks channel in 2001. Since then, she has become a go-to expert in the field of country music and for celebrity interviews in all genres.

Cook became part of the CMT family as host of the MTV “TRL” styled show Most Wanted Live (“MWL”). Since joining CMT, Cook has hosted many CMT specials, weekly shows, CMT original programming, and red carpets as well as her work with other networks. Aside from interviews with such celebrities as Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Willie Nelson, Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks, and more, her notable television appearances include “A Conversation with President Obama,” Co-hosting “Nashville Star” for NBC with Billy Ray Cyrus, and playing herself on ABC’s “Nashville.” She has also been called upon as a country expert for CNBC, MSN, and CNN with Anderson Cooper.

Katie currently co-hosts CMT Hot 20 Countdown with Cody Allan, a weekly show airing Saturdays and Sundays at 9amE/8amC.

Katie is also launching her very own paranormal podcast this Fall 2019 called the W.O.W (Wide Open Wonders) podcast



Unlike most television personalities, Katie actually found her way to television through music. Born in London, England, she is the daughter of Hall of Fame songwriter, Roger Cook (“Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” for The Hollies, “You’ve Got Your Troubles” for the Fortunes, Coca-Cola’s “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing,” Crystal Gayle’s “Talking in Your Sleep,” Don William’s “I Believe in You,” and George Straight’s “One Night at a Time” and “I Wanna Dance With You.”)

Katie has been immersed in the entertainment industry since birth, and it was no surprise the music bug eventually kicked in. After high school, Cook began working on her singing career. This led to her going back to England to be closer to her family and work with long-time family friend and power-manager Harry Barter (George Martin, Ultravox, Dead or Alive, Paul Young). She formed a band with her brother Jason Cook and guitarist Tony Wade called Reno.

Katie’s love of country music eventually led to Reno to relocating part-time back to Nashville where they landed a deal with Curb Records. After one self-titled album for Curb and a nationwide tour, Reno disbanded. While continuing her solo music career, Katie auditioned for a host position at CMT in 2001, thinking her music knowledge might make her a good fit for the network. She was hired and her life instantly changed. During her 14 years at CMT, Katie has found herself too busy to make another full length album, but has continued to write songs and sing around town purely for the love of it. Those songs began to pile up and the urge to sing kept nagging at her, so Katie is currently working on an album and hopes to have it available soon.

Hear samples of Katie’s music below:

Katie Cook photo by: Chris Bickford

Katie Cook photo by: Chris Bickford

Katie Cook photo by  Nora Canfield

Katie Cook photo by Nora Canfield


While traveling with her band Reno in 2000, Katie got the idea for a children’s book series.

Promoting Reno’s album took her on the road for long stretches of time and these often boring road trips mixed with Katie's wild imagination was Little Big Benny’s genesis. It started with the idea that while we may be small in the grand cosmic scheme of things, we also have a universe within as well, which makes us absolutely giant at the same time. Katie dreamed of creating a character that could explore ideas like this while maintaining a sense humor, like the children’s entertainment she grew up with offered.

When Katie became a mother herself, she knew it was time to take this half-baked idea and develop into a full-fledged children's book series. She hopes one day to see Little Big Benny animated and on the big screen.



Katie is most happy when she is creating some form of art whether it be music, writing, or painting. In recent years she has developed a love for altering old forgotten pieces of art. A lover of all things paranormal and not one to shy away from a good thrift shop, she has combined her love of the two for a new series entitled “Alienated.” While most pieces are created for personal use or for gifts, some are available for purchase.

Examples here: